Hemp Hub

Bringing together researchers interested in Cannabis sativa.

Hemp Hub

Cannabis sativa (hemp and marijuana) is an extremely versatile plant that has the potential to increase the sustainability and resource efficiency of modern agriculture. At the same time, it is a high-value yet controversial crop used to produce medicinal compounds.

With HempHub we will establish a knowledge hub focused on hemp research at University College Dublin and other Irish institutions. We aim to establish a cross-disciplinary group of researchers that jointly focuses on investigating the environmental, genetic,  pharmacological and engineering properties of hemp as well as the societal implications of its use. We will use workshops to exchange ideas and foster interactions between researchers, invite internationally recognized hemp experts to give talks, and foster collaborations with other European and international researchers by lab visits. 

Hemp Hub is a strategic priority of the UCD Earth Institute. For more information, contact Antoinette Perry or Rainer Melzer.

News: HempHub publishes in-depth Open Access review of Cannabis on Authorea. Read more here.